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1.A flow mirroring port can transmit the specified service flows on the mirroring port to the monitoring device for analysis and monitoring.



Answer: A

2.In peer-to-peer VPN model, which of the following devices is directly connected to a client and is responsible for connecting VPN services to the carrier network?



C. P

D. Client device

Answer: B

3.QoS provides different service quality to meet a variety of different needs.

Which of following functions are provided by the QoS? (Multiple Choice)

A. Provide dedicated bandwidth.

B. Reduce the packet loss ratio.

C. Prevent and manage network congestion.

D. Setting the source address of packets.

Answer: ABC

4.Which IP precedence value represents the critical service traffic?

A. 0

B. 2

C. 5

D. 6

Answer: C

5.What about all outgoing labels in the label forwarding table of a MPLS-capable device for the same route with the same next hop?

A. They must be different.

B. They must be the same.

C. They may be the same.

Answer: B

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