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Share some HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU exam questions and answers below.
The following description of ASM model and SSM model, which is right?(please select three correct answer)
A. in SSM model, the receiver can know in advance the position of the multicast source
B. in ASM model, the receiver will not be able to know in advance the position of the multicast source
C. for the receiver, SSM model is better than ASM model
D. ASM model and SSM model use IP multicast address range is different
Answer: ABD

Which description about OSPF area is correct?
A. All types OSPF areas support routes brought in.
B. When the route is introduced into OSPF stub area, the route entries will turn to Class 5 LSA
C. OSPF stub area allows route redistribution, but totally stub area does not allow importing routes
D. When the route is introduced into the OSPF complete stub area, the route entries will turn to Class five LSA
E. When the route is introduced into the OSPF complete stub area, the route entries will turn to Class Seven LSA
Answer: E

RD is used to distinguish same IP address between different VPN.
RD contains how many bit?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 64
D. 128
Answer: C

What are the key component of NAC?
A. communication agent
B. NAC equipment
C. access terminal
D. policy server
Answer: ABD

Which of the following description about data traffic load sharing in Huawei equipment is true?
A. only LACP and LLDP protocol in Huawei devices can implement data traffic load sharing.
B. Huawei device supports PoS, Serial, Ethernet and other types of interface link aggregation and load sharing.
C. under the Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface, the default is based on source MAC address and destination IP address foreignlands for load sharing.
D. under Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface may be based on data frame CoS values do hash algorithm to achieve load sharing.
Answer: B

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