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Dell DSDSC-200 exam will test your ability to:
Install physical hardware
Initialize Dell SC Series Storage Array
Configure Dell SC Series Storage Array
Configure Front-End Storage Networking
Configure and Attach hosts on the Dell SC Series Storage
Test environment for proper working conditions

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Share some Dell Certification DSDSC-200 exam questions and answers below.
A zone must include at least one target and at least one initiator.
How many targets and initiators should each zone include according to recommended best practice?
A. single initiator; multiple target
B.single initiator; single target
C. multiple initiator; multiple target
D. multiple initiator; single target
Answer: A

A customer has iSCSI servers that occasionally perform poorly. The performance issues on aparticular server occur during temporary traffic spikes to that server. Logs show that the number of dropped packets increases during the traffic spike. In normal traffic conditions, performance is acceptable.What are iSCSI best practices to fix this problem?
A. make sure that switches used for iSCSI are non-blocking switches
B. disable storm control
C. enable jumbo frames end-to-end
D. enable bi-directional flow control
Answer: D

What are two 1 Gb iSCSI best practices to set up and-to-end connectivity (servers, switch, and storage)?
(Choose two.)
A. Flow Control
B. Jumbo Frame
C. Spanning Tree
D. Unicast Storm Control
Answer: B,C

A deployment engineeris installing a dual-controller Storage Center with four FC ports in eachcontroller.This system need to use Legacy Port mode because the AIX version used requires it.
Which two configurations are required to set up the fault domains? (Choose two.)
A. There are only two fault domains used, one for primary ports and one for reserved ports.
B. There is a separate fault domain for each set of primary and reserved ports.
C. There are only two fault domains used, one for the ports in each fabric.
D. Theprimaryand reserved ports in the fault domain need to reside on different controllers.
Answer: C,D

An engineer has several servers connected to the Storage Center through two FC fabrics. The StorageCenter runs in Virtual Ports mode. The engineer needs to create zones based on World Wide Names(WWN).
Which WWNs from the Storage Center need to be included in the zone with the server WWN?
A. only the Primary WWNs
B. only the Virtual WWNs
C. both the Primary and Reserve WWNs
D. both the Virtual and Physical WWNs
Answer: B

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