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Share some HCNP-Storage H13-623-ENU exam questions and answers below.
About the target deduplication, which of the following description is not correct?
A. The data block is transferred from the source to the destination and de-duplicated at the destination.
B. Do not take up resources at the source.
C. Target deduplication is equivalent to post-processing deduplication.
D. Can not save transmission bandwidth.
Answer: C

Before making a backup program design, need to research, which aspects need to consider when researching? (Multiple choice)
A. Project Background
B. Customer requirements
C. Current network environment
D. Component Selection
Answer: ABC

User backup client resources are sufficient, the production of network resources is relatively tight, the plan once a week the amount of data between 1 to 2T, the backup window is 3 hours, using the source de-duplication, de-duplication ratio is 3, the bandwidth utilization value of 0.8, what kind of networking are recommended for user to use in this environment?
A. GE LAN-Free
B. 10G LAN-Base
C. FC LAN-Free
D. Server-Free
Answer: A

Which statement about network layer full space snapshot technology of Huawei VIS6600T equipment is not correct?
A. A full space snapshot is a backup of the data at the point of source volume snapshots.
B. Network layer full space snapshot feature is little space occupation, does not require the size of the snapshot volume consistent with the main LUN size.
C. In the process of data synchronization, if the source volume has new data to be written and the written data location is the content that has not been copied synchronously, the original data is written into the snapshot volume, the new data is written to the source volume, keep the source volume data for the latest status.
D. If the new data is written to the location where the synchronous copy has been completed, only the new data is written to the source volume; the contents of the snapshot volume data remains the same.
Answer: B

Which of the following items does Huawei backup solution feature not include?
A. important application data can realize fine-grained recovery.
B. can achieve multi-branch unified management and protection, but can¡¯t achieve physical and virtual environment unified protection.
C. Storage snapshot backup, zero-impact business, second-level recovery.
D. Virtual machine instant recovery.
Answer: B

Which of the following ways does data deduplication include? (Multiple choice)
A. Target-side deduplication
B. Partial deduplication
C. Global deduplication
D. Parallel deduplication
Answer: ACD

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